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Finding your own doppelgänger in a population of 7 billion might seem like the stuff of fiction, but in Hollywood — where natural laws don’t seem to apply — it tends to happen more often than you think.

Last year, social media went crazy over Chloë Grace Moretz’s Filipino twin. Earlier this year, we fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio’s. There was also Ryan Gosling’s lookalike, and countless others — ranging from George Clooney’s Turkish clone to Johnny Depp’s Japanese duplicate. There never seems to be a shortage of doppelgängers in the context of Hollywood — and the King of Pop is no exception.

MJ is one of the world’s most impersonated celebrities, alongside Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Freddie Mercury. However, while most impersonators undergo an extensive make-up process to even remotely resemble the Man in the Mirror (or at least how he looked like later in his life), this guy from Twitter is all natural — no prosthetics, no foundation, just Michael. Check out the picture below, posted by his girlfriend:

Eerie, right? Needless to say, Twitter-world is beyond thrilled, immediately responding with more puns than most regular memes could muster:

Apparently, the mystery man’s name is Sergio Cortez, and he does actually sideline as an MJ impersonator. User @MeritaAppleHead graces us with more photos:

Lourdes’s tweet has been shared almost 3,000 times and favorited over 10,000 times.

Frickin’ amazing. He definitely already feels like the King of Pop’s second coming. Move over, Joseph Fiennes!

What do you think about this newest celebrity doppelgänger? Eerie or overhyped? Meet me in the comments to discuss!


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