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Vampires might not be real, but there's certainly one thing that's true about them, they really do refuse to die. You'd have thought the vampire TV series market was a bit over-saturated with vampire and supernatural shows featuring on practically every network. Despite this, NBC has found room for one more, and they've brought on big-screen actor to help.

NBC's Dracula will abandon the modern vampire interpretation in order to focus on the classic tale of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Kretschmann has been brought aboard to play Abraham Van Helsing, the famed vampire hunter who will face off against Dracula, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, in Victorian Britain. However, TVLine has reported that Van Helsing will not be the archetypal hero we've seen in the past, indeed, he may be a bigger threat to society than Dracula himself. They have described him as a "brilliant professor obsessed with revenge and power".

Meanwhile Dracula himself, although vowing vengeance against the society that has ruined his life, finds himself struck down by love when he meets a woman who resembles his beloved, long dead, wife. But, that's not his only love interest, is down to play a graceful and fashionable socialite, Lady Jane, who also takes a liking to Dracula (or more precisely his alter ego). Cue another love-triangle involving at least one vampire.

Kretschmann has ramped up quite a career on both the big and small screen. He starred in King Kong, Wanted and, ironically, Dracula 3D, while he'll also be appearing in Open Grave and Russian war flick, Stalingrad. His TV work includes shows such as The River, FlashForward, 24 and The Cape.

Dracula will also feature — who will play Jonathan Harker, "a handsome and tenacious journalist desperate to become an aristocrat" — as well as (Merlin), Nonso Anonzie (Game of Thrones) and (Arrow).

NBC has yet to announce a premiere date for this 10-part series.How do you think it is starting to look? Are you glad the vampire genre has gone back to its traditional past? Let us know below.


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