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Brian Salisbury

Some directors are just more at home tackling major undertakings than they are handling small projects. sure seems to fit into that category. The director first made his name helming episodes of HBO's Game of Thrones, then Marvel came knocking and his Thor: The Dark World will hit theaters in November. Now, according to Variety, his next project will be another blockbuster-sized endeavor. Taylor is reportedly in talks to direct Terminator 5, which at this point is just being called Terminator Genisys, for Paramount/Skydance/Annapurna.

Ok, there has been next to nothing in the way of good news coming out of this project, or least least little that has instilled in me anything other than dread. However, I would now have to classify myself as intrigued. I can't say I'm suddenly convinced of this still highly unnecessary sequel's success, but I'm at least intrigued. A lot remains to be seen in the Thor 2 department, and even then the thematic leap from Game of Thrones to Thor seems a lot smaller than the one from Thor to Terminator. Not to mention the fact that the studio was at one point considering to direct here. Johnson basically made a Terminator movie, only without robots, with Looper. Still, my pessimism has been assuaged for another day. Let's see if the deal gets finalized.

What do you guys think?


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