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It looks like The Warriors Three and The Marauders will have a fair bit of on-screen presence in 's upcoming Thor sequel, as an extra on the set has been talking about the respective friends and enemies of the God of Thunder.

Recalling his experience shooting an intergalactic battle scene for Thor: The Dark World as a member of the sequel's secondary villains, The Marauders, an extra known only as 'Damon' has posted a report dropping details about the motives of this villainous gang and of The Three Warriors - Thor's god warrior Asgardian friends Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg:

Onto the first day which was basically lots of running around and pretending to slaughter lots of villagers which sounds fun until you set a loose horse into the equation. [On the fifth day] it was a fairly easy going day today with and appearing on set with me, or is that vice versa?... So cut to the afternoon and I'm being held prisoner by Ray Stevenson ready to be transported back to Asgard. (Spolier: It's not real). Next to me Zachary is on his horse which on this particular day is deciding to play up. Not good when my head is in direct path of its hoof. I'm officially scared. To be honest, I think he's a bit worried too but still manages to pull off a perfect English accent whilst laughing at my predicament. I'm thinking if that horse hoofs me in the head then I'll be going to my own version of Asgard and not coming back! Fortunately he managed to control his horse and quite admirably as well it must be said. As I'm being held hostage by Ray, it turns out he has nothing to eat and his character is always seen as eating... big problem as catering has gone home! Damon to the rescue as I produce my apple I had hidden in my ammo pouches and voila, if it makes the final cut I have my mark on a major film! Fingers crossed. So if you see Ray chomping an apple whilst waiting to transport us intergalactic warriors to Asgard then you know where it came from! P.S. I'm the one in the helmet that looks like a pigs face! – Very distinctive.

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Boy, this Damon guy is going down. I bet the Marvel studios have already sent out a hit man to take him down.

I can't wait to see more of The Warriors Three in the sequel, but as Zach Levi is replacing it might feel a bit awkward. Hopefully they'll at least try to make Levi look as close to Dallas as possible. Let's hope that they have as good chemistry in this one as they did in the last.

I think it's going to be an awesome sequel, and I'm looking forward to seeing the whole gang again. PLUS , who's freaking awesome. It's tied for most anticipated movie of the year for me, right beside Star Trek Into Darkness.

Thor: The Dark World storms into theaters November 8th. Are you excited?


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