ByBrian Salisbury, writer at
Brian Salisbury

Taking a jab at the inordinate gender composition of superhero movie fanbases, Jimmy Kimmel puts forth his own version of the Thor: The Dark World trailer. The new trailer, seeking to re-contextualize the movie as a romantic comedy, focuses on the relationship between Jane () and Thor (), cycles in "Walking On Sunshine," and keeps things considerably lighter than the film's actual eponymous darker tone.

Check out the video below!


Frankly, I had high hopes for this video, but it seems half-baked and thrown-together. I'm a big fan of re-cutting trailers to sell them as different movies (one need only take a gander at the recut Shining trailer to know there is comedic gold in them there experiments). However I found Kimmel's latest to be uninspired and lacking of even one clever moment of new context.

Is it just me?


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