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Sarah Gibson

At 27 years old, I'm STILL waiting for Disneyland get a move on and incorporate the hell out of Marvel Comics on their rides...

If you're with me on that one, then today I have some VERY good news for you fanboys! We will soon witness the first inclusion of a Marvel character into the park, in the form of the God of Thunder himself - mighty, mighty Thor.

Disney Parks blog is reporting that in time for the November 8 release of 's Thor: The Dark World, we'll see the exhibit begin to take place in Fall. I hope it looks like it was torn straight from the movies, complete with lookalike to get my picture taken with...

Don't count on seeing Loki, though. Unfortunately, Disney's Communications Manager is reporting that "there are no plans at this time, though, to bring Loki to the park,". A guy dressed as Loki goes around the park stealing ice cream cones and cotton candy from kids? I can see why they decided not to take that step... This is where needs to just go to Disneyland and be mischievous!

So, who's heading to Disneyland with me when this Thor thing hits? Sign up in the comment section below!


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