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If Thor: Ragnarok didn't already seem like the most amazing Marvel movie yet, the first round of reactions have popped online, and it seems like critics are in love. Taika Waititi's Ragnarok is eagerly awaited by fans as it features MCU heavy-hitters the Hulk and Doctor Strange, along with the long-awaited Valkyrie, and will be set primarily outside Earth. Thor: Ragnarok revolves around the mighty god's fight to stop the goddess of death, Hela, from destroying his home world. Of course, he has to survive a battle with the Hulk and escape the Grandmaster's arena first!

Although the official reviews are still currently embargoed, here are some of the critics' Twitter reactions.

The Best 'Thor' Yet

It seems that critics are in awe of Taika Waititi's direction, heaping praise on everything from the visuals to the plot. Mark Mothersbaugh's score is also one of the highlights of the movie, with critics saying that it perfectly complements the story.

Many critics loved the laugh-out-loud moments in the film, praising Waititi's distinctive style. If you were wondering if Ragnarok would be as funny as What We Do In The Shadows, or if it would have the emotional depth as Hunt for the Wilderpeople, it looks like the movie gets full marks for both humor and heart.

However, not all were convinced, with some noting that for all its strengths, Ragnarok still isn't a perfect movie.

And with Ragnarok's star-studded cast, there's only one question left on our minds...

So Who Stole The Show?

Well, here all critics seem to have their own opinions, which only proves how excellent Thor: Ragnarok must be for everyone's favorite characters to be distinct.

For some it was the lovable, raging lunatic:

Or, the other lunatics:

But it was the ladies who were the REAL heroes:

It looks like the critics are certainly fans of the new film, and while the full reviews are yet to be released online, it certainly seems as if Thor's third time on screen will be his best yet. Based on the reactions, we can expect a solid Rotten Tomatoes score, and with the movie projected to open with a $100 million in it's first weekend, it certainly seems like has got another win on its hands.

Will you be seeing Thor: Ragnarok? Comment to us below.


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