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New Zealand director and all-round funny man, Taika Waititi, has revealed the extent he went to plant very unique Easter Eggs in his new film Thor: Ragnarok. Both Marvel and DC are widely known to conceal a string of clever reveals in their films. Moving away from the usual series of continuity based clues, Waititi has admitted he slipped more than a few Australian references in the new addition for his amusement.

The Ships Are Named After Australian Cars

The ship they fly out on, the Commodore, we basically took all the colours from the Aboriginal flag and rearranged everything around the design of the ship, so it's red, black and yellow. The heroes of the film are like escaping from this world in an Aboriginal flag, it's a crack up!

[Credit: Holden Commodore]
[Credit: Holden Commodore]

This confession took place during a radio interview on the Australian station Triple J. During the interview, the director explained how he deliberately implanted in-jokes for Australian and New Zealand audiences, such as references to the Aboriginal flag. In addition to turning a flag into a spaceship, a funny little secret lies in what he did with the spaceships names — they are all from the Australian car maker, Holden.

In the film, the number of Holden named cars is like something out of any given morning drive in Sydney traffic day. Parked ever so close behind the Commodore, have a look in Thor: Ragnarok for the Statesmen, Kingswood and Torana.

He Wanted To Feel At Home

Taika Waititi went on to explain how as a director, he likes to make the set as familiar and comfortable as possible, so he could work within the scale of the project afforded to him.

I had to do little Easter Eggs for myself around the movie and the set just to make myself feel a little more comfortable. So there's lots of little things that would just, for me, help make it actually a true Australian film rather than, 'Oh, they just shot a movie in Australia.'

To do this, Waititi also provided opportunities to others. For example, he:

  • Employed interns from local communities to help get work experience,
  • Paid for a few up-and-coming filmmakers to get experience shadowing him on set,
  • Cast Maori and Aboriginal actors in the film, including himself.

I encourage you to watch the full interview, as he's a funny guy and his impression of a Maori bouncer is spot on. This attention to detail has to be a first for the Marvel Extended Universe, with Aboriginal flag-colored spaceships and being named after Aussie-made cars. In fact, that kind of detail might be a first in just about any film genre.

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