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(Warning: The following contains giant hulking potential SPOILERS for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok — albeit ones that are currently being teased by the film's director. Proceed with whatever level of caution the all-seeing Heimdall suggests is wise all the same, though.)

Now, with Thor: Ragnarok already jam-packed with ridiculously talented actors playing fan-pleasing and gloriously old-school comic book roles, it's perhaps not too much of a surprise to discover that the film's director, Taika Waititi, is planning to throw a bonus villain into the mix. What is perhaps a little more surprising, however, is just who that villain is. Y'see...

It Seems That Korg Is Set To Return To The MCU

[Thor: The Dark World/Marvel Studios]
[Thor: The Dark World/Marvel Studios]

Specifically, that guy, up above: The giant rock monster Thor fought back in Thor: The Dark World... who kind of fell apart during the process, as you can see in the video below:

Despite not being explicitly named by the film, that rock monster was widely assumed to be Korg, a character from the comic books with a long history of Thor-related interaction, going all the way back to 1963's Journey Into Mystery #83. In more recent years, though, Korg has perhaps become best known for his interactions with a certain not-so-jolly green goliath, facing off against The Incredible Hulk during the Planet Hulk storyline. Which is of course why its quite so exciting that...

Taika Waititi Just Posted This Image To Instagram

Which, it seems, suggests that either Waititi is forming a brightly toned pop group named after an obscure Marvel villain (Korg is also the name of a musical instrument manufacturer, as the image shows), or he's planning on bringing Korg back into the fold in Thor: Ragnarok.

Which, with the Kronan warrior's history of battling both Thor and the newly-arrived-in-the-franchise Hulk, would both make a whole lot of sense, and make for a potentially very entertaining grudge match. The most intriguing thing about Korg's "return," though?

Korg May Not Actually Have Appeared In The MCU Before

[Marvel Comics]
[Marvel Comics]

Y'see, back in the comic books, Korg's Planet Hulk plot arc is largely sparked into being by the death of his brother Margus — something that initially caused tension with Hulk, but eventually led to the pair becoming allies.

With giant Kronan rock monsters all looking much the same, then, it's entirely possible that the Kronan we saw back in Thor: The Dark World wasn't actually Korg at all, but was instead his brother Margus. That, after all, would certainly give a newly arrived Korg an incentive to want to beat the snot out of Thor — especially if they ultimately wind up battling in a Planet Hulk-style arena, as has been so heavily teased.

Either way, it's time to get surprisingly over-excited by the prospect of a D-List rock monster's arrival, knowing full well that he'll most likely be awesome. I mean, Waititi already managed to make Thor's gap year absurdly entertaining, so why not Korg?

Can't wait for Thor: Ragnarok's November 2017 arrival, though? Never fear, we've got you covered with news, rumors and casting right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? What's Korg likely to get up to in Thor: Ragnarok? Let us know below!


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