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Spider-Man: Homecoming has taken the world by storm, but now all eyes are turning to the next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok looks set to redefine the God of Thunder's big screen exploits, and promises to bring doom to Immortal Asgard!

But even as Waititi makes the Thor franchise his own, one major character has seemed strangely absent. Just what's happened to Jaimie Alexander's Lady Sif? So far, she doesn't seem to be in the film...

But Is Lady Sif In The Movie After All?

Superhero fans across the world did a double-take when they saw this promo for Talking with Chris Hardwick. According to the promo, he's got a very special guest; Jaimie Alexander from Thor: Ragnarok. Now, let's be clear: this is far short of official confirmation. It may be that the show's promoters have made a bit of a blunder, and that there was a communication problem between Alexander's agents and the show's producers. The episode will air on Sunday at 9PM EST on AMC, so we'll have to check it out in the hope we'll get clarification.

Back in 2015, Alexander teased that she'd play a "pivotal role" in Thor: Ragnarok. In the months that followed, the film's script was drastically rewritten, and Alexander went very quiet. In April 2016, she disappointed fans by revealing she didn't know if she was even in the film any more.

"I have no idea. I'm guessing no? But I'm not sure, because nobody's told me. I have no clue."

is well-known for a rather secretive approach to casting, with actors suddenly getting a call out of the blue to ask if they'll reprise the role. Still, by the time Ragnarok wrapped up in October 2016, there were still no hints that Lady Sif would crop up in the film. The odds didn't look good.

One Possibility Remains

That said, we shouldn't completely discount the possibility. In July this year, Ragnarok went through major reshoots, with two weeks of additional photography and over 500 setups. Those reshoots took place in Atlanta, and apparently included the after-credits scenes. It's possible that Jaimie Alexander was called in for a brief cameo.

The sad truth, though, is that any appearance will just be a cameo. If she were playing a "pivotal role," we surely would've seen her pop up in the promotional materials already. It's likely Sif's role was lost in the extensive re-writes; the only silver lining is that the film will feature another strong protagonist in Tessa Thompson's . While Thompson looks to be tremendous in the role, it's a real shame for fans of Jaimie Alexander's Sif, one of the few characters who ties the wider together due to her two appearances in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

So: Will Jaimie Alexander appear in Thor: Ragnarok? Right now, it looks seriously unlikely. I'm afraid it's more likely that the promotional video is in error, and that the producers assumed a character from two Thor movies would appear in the third. While that would normally be the case, Waititi clearly views Ragnarok more as a standalone than as the third act in a trilogy. As a result, the odds aren't good for the return of Lady Sif.


Do you want Sif to return in 'Thor: Ragnarok'?

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