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Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is returning to the big screen in Thor: Ragnarok. Mark Ruffalo revealed earlier this year that he had wrapped production on the film. We already know that we're getting elements of the Planet Hulk storyline from the comics, and we know Ragnarok will incorporate Thor and Loki's search for Odin.

During a live Facebook broadcast, director Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson took fans on a tour around the Ragnarok set to celebrate the last day of production. During the stream, some interesting details were revealed, including the inclusion of a character from the comics.

The Reveals

The director started the tour in a "sci-fi space wasteland" they've been building, in which mysterious robed figures could be seen:

Waititi referred to them as "scrappers." So far, it's unknown who these individuals are or what their mission is. What catches my attention is that they have a similar feel as the Ravagers from Guardians of the Galaxy (and maybe Jedi?).

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie Makeup

Taika introduced Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, later on in the stream. Thompson's appearance in the video is very significant, as we got our first look at her in her Valkyrie makeup:

As we can see, she sports a very futuristic design, almost tribal. What I'm wondering though, is whether she'll wear that makeup throughout the entire movie or just for that specific scene — it appears to match the more tribal look that we've seen Thor and Hulk sporting in certain images. The exciting thing is, that Valkyrie and Thor seem to be together traveling through space.

Raganarok's Mysterious New Emblem

Waititi showed one of the producers of the movie, who was wearing a hat with a mysterious logo. According to the director, the meaning behind it will be revealed soon:

"This here is our exclusive Ragnarok emblem. Which we'll reveal what that thing actually is... soon."

Considering that the director was not ready to share what the emblem meant, how relevant to the movie is it? Does it hide any clues for the plot? Chris Hemsworth then joked about the secrecy behind the project:

"What can we tell you guys? We can't say anything about where we are, and you can't tell anyone about what you've seen."

Considering they are in space, the secrecy behind their location and the similarities between the scrappers and the Ravagers from Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm wondering if we'll get an appearance from (or at least a nod to) our favorite rag-tag space heroes.

The Big Character Reveal

Shortly after that, Waititi presented an actor, Steve, pictured below. This was when he made the most surprising reveal of the video, as he said who the actor's playing:

"Steve's playing a character called Miek."

I researched Ragnarok's cast to see who the actor was; unfortunately, I had no luck as he's not listed. But, in case you don't know who the character he's playing is and his relevance to a certain famous comic book story, I've got you covered:

Who Exactly Is Miek?


Miek has been featured in countless comic book stories after his debut in Incredible Hulk #92 in 2006, mainly as an antagonist. But Planet Hulk and World War Hulk are enough to give you a good understanding of who the character is.

Planet Hulk

Miek is an Insectoid, one of the last of his kind from the savage planet Sakaar. His race was believed to be the only true native of the planet. Despite this, his people were murdered by the Imperials. Miek survived the attack and was taken in as a slave. He managed to escape but was unfortunately captured once again and sold to be a gladiator.

Miek entered the gladiatorial arena at the same time as the Hulk. The Insectoid, realizing the Green Giant's power, tried to bond with him for protection. After the pair's first win, they were thrown into the Maw (a gladiator training pit). There, they became part of a gladiator unit and became formidable adversaries, even going toe-to-board with the Silver Surfer.

After being tricked into believing he and Hulk would get their freedom by the Red King, the Silver Surfer disabled their obedience discs and the slaves were able to escape.

World War Hulk

The above may make you think Miek is a nice guy, but that's not the case. Dissatisfied with the peace Hulk had brought to Sakaar, the Insectoid tampered with the warp core of the shuttle that had sent the Green Giant to the planet. This caused a great disaster that claimed several lives, including Hulk's new love, Caiera. Hulk, believing the tragedy to be the Inhumans' fault, travelled to Earth to get revenge on the unsuspecting heroes.

Miek wanted Hulk to be the Worldbreaker, as he felt that was the hero's true path. However, after a lengthy and impressive battle against some of Earth's toughest superheroes, Hulk turned into Bruce Banner. This enraged Miek, who took his spear and tried to attack Banner. Rick Jones jumped in the way, though, and was impaled.

After seeing this, Bruce Banner lost it and proceeded to turn into the Hulk and brutally beat Miek. In the end, he was stopped and the Insectoid was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and subsequently imprisoned in the Negative Zone.

What Are His Powers?

Miek has a vast array of abilities at his disposal that developed through the course of the Planet Hulk storyline. At one point, he evolved, which made him much larger, almost Hulk-size, and much stronger. He has super strength as well as an armored exoskeleton, which allows him to withstand Hulk's terrible physical punishment.

He also possesses telepathy, which he uses to mentally connect with other members of his species and even share memories. Think of that ability as a much grosser Bluetooth.

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Will Miek Have A Big Presence In The Movie?

That's the big question isn't it? As you can see, he could be an important part of Hulk's side of Ragnarok's story. However, we have to consider this is an already incredibly busy movie and, with the hints of Hulk's considerably smaller role than we previously thought, I doubt they'll take a significant portion of the story to develop Miek as a character.

Are you happy with Miek's introduction? What kind of role will he play in Ragnarok?


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