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Thor: Ragnarok is basically every comic book fan's dream come true. It has a larger-than-life storyline centered around one of the most popular superhero stories out there and it will introduce exciting new faces like Valkyrie, Hela and Surtur to the vast MCU character lineup. The film will also give fans something they've been waiting to see since The Avengers: A fight between Thor and The Hulk. As a loose adaptation of the Planet Hulk storyline, Ragnarok will show the Green Goliath as a gladiator who the God of Thunder has to take on as part of the Grandmaster's twisted games.

Their fight has been teased multiple times in the Ragnarok trailers in the past few months, but chances are that if you're a fan, you've been wondering whether their fight will live up to the hype. Will their gladiator battle do justice to these two titans coming together, especially after their heart-pumping bout in during The Avengers? Well, my fellow enthusiastic nerds, thanks to a newly-released Ragnarok clip, we finally get our answer. Take a look:

For everyone doubtful of whether it would be worth our anticipation, the footage makes it clear that the fight will be quite brutal –– perhaps even more so than the one we saw in . Yep, this battle will definitely be one of the movie's highlights because this new footage makes their fight feel so real. Each one of Thor's jabs feels impactful. On top of that, there's a sense of distress from the Odinson when dodging Hulk's skull-cracking swings.

This Is The Beginning Of A Wonderful Friendship

The two powerhouses have been going at it for a long time in the MCU. The Avengers saw them take out their frustrations on each other after the ever-treacherous Loki messed with the Green Goliath's mind. Three years later, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we saw the relationship smooth out a bit when Thor tried to comfort Banner (to no avail, mind you) about all the deaths his alter-ego was probably responsible for during their raid on a HYDRA base.

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

As silly as it sounds, could their brutal encounter in Ragnarok actually be a turning point for their friendship? I'm quite curious to see how much of a part the fight plays into their friendship and how they go from gladiatorial opponents to fighting on the same team once more. Who knows? Perhaps trading blows actually makes them respect one another and rekindle their friendship.

Either way, I'm glad that Ragnarok will show our heroes bonding. We've seen the "two heroes at odds with each other reluctantly working together" dynamic plenty of times, but Thor's final solo outing is apparently ditching that in favor of a more brotherly dynamic.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

What did you think about this new look at Thor and Hulk's epic battle? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Marvel Studios Twitter]


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