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There are so many superhero movies releasing in 2017 to get excited about, and now we have trailers for all of them — because Marvel just dropped the big teaser for its final release of 2017: .

The trailer looks incredible — just like Thor's green friend from work — to say the very least. Over the years, Marvel has given us some brilliant trailers, and with each passing movie the quality keeps improving. They key to a good trailer is to provide some great moments with a bit of humor and not give up too much, and our first look at Thor: Ragnarok has managed to do just that.

The Internet Has Plenty To Say About It

The trailer has led many fans to believe that Thor: Ragnarok just might be Marvel's best solo movie yet — and some fans are so hyped they think it'll even top Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Civil War and The Avengers.

The tone of the previous two installments of the Thor franchise always felt a little off compared to the rest of the MCU. (They almost would fit better in the DCEU.) However, Thor: Ragnarok definitely feels more like a Marvel movie, and fans took notice.

With all of the vibrant colors and the '70s rock anthem, the trailer drew comparisons to another MCU movie with plenty of those aspects: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Welcome To The MCU, Cate Blanchett!

The Thor franchise lost one of its Oscar winners in Natalie Portman, but another Oscar winner — Cate Blanchett — is joining the franchise as Hela, and the fans are absolutely loving her in this trailer.

Thor's New Hairstyle Is Breaking The Internet

Thor finally has cut his long hair. Chris Hemsworth is probably happy that he won't have to wear wigs anymore, and so are his fans

And then there's, uh, this observation:

'A Friend From Work'

The final scene of the trailer — with Thor and Hulk — is probably the best moment of the trailer, and it has left the fans wanting more. Hulk went missing after Avengers: Age of Ultron. But he's back in business and the fans absolutely love it.

Other fans were more pumped for Loki, a highlight of the previous two Thor installments. Surprisingly enough, though, we didn't get to see much of Loki in this trailer.

See Also:

We can only hope that Tom Hiddleston has a mucher bigger part to play when Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3rd, 2017. We are more than six months away from its release — and with such an amazing trailer, we can't wait any longer.

What are your thoughts on the Thor: Ragnarok trailer? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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