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As cinemas prepare to be struck by lightning for the third time, all of Disney's MCU is looking to the skies and waiting for the storm that is Thor: Ragnarok. Hoping to learn from the sober mistakes of Alan Taylor's Thor: The Dark World, director Taika Waititi is giving us a neon splash, a rocking soundtrack, and a blue-bearded Jeff Goldblum for good measure.

However, that isn't to say it will all be frolics and fun times when hits our screens. The arrival of as Hela the Goddess of Death has teased some major losses for Thor, and top of the list is Thor losing his favorite childhood toy. There's no bond quite like a god and their spinning hammer of happiness, but Ragnarok will do the unthinkable and destroy Mjölnir. Gone but not forgotten, the latest clip from the movie creepily teases that Thor and his hammer may have shared more of a bond than we first thought.

Hammer Time

The clip shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live attempts to explain Thor's strange relationship with his hammer, and it all gets a bit weird:

Ironically, it is himself who is playing the rocky Korg alongside Hemsworth in the clip, and it isn't just audiences who are shocked by Thor's *erm* intimate relationship with his weapon of choice. As Korg says to Thor, everyone is a little confused:

"Oh my God. The hammer pulled you off? Sounds like you had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this hammer and that losing it was almost comparable to losing a loved one."

Sex jokes about an inanimate hammer? Either Waititi is making good on his promise for a more light-hearted Thor movie, or this is actually a big reveal that Thor is a secret mechaphile. Who knows though, maybe has a thing for cold, hard, shafts — here's hoping!

The past 55 years of Thor comic books have shown the long-haired hero with Mjölnir by his side, but up until now, we had always assumed that it was purely plutonic. Of course, Thor's actual love interest in Ragnarok is expected to be Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and with Mjölnir out the way, maybe now she can make her move.

While sex jokes may seem a little odd in an MCU movie, it shows just how much Waititi is embracing the fun factor without being confined by Disney's family-friendly mentality. Also, the clip shows that Ragnarok didn't show off all its best bits in its official trailers.

Hopefully, the rest of Asgard will be alive long enough to help Thor through this difficult brake up, because serving like his BFF, the mighty Mjölnir has been by the God of Thunder's side in all his outings. With the monumental moment of Mjölnir's destruction coming in Ragnarok, fans are asking if he will get another hammer to wield by the time the credits roll. However, if it was more than just a colleague/work relationship, it might explain why Thor misses Mjölnir so much!

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