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Now, if your idea of appropriate directorial behavior is largely based on the calm, besuited ideal of an , or the boyish, joyful geekery of a Spielberg, then you might want to look away now. Y'see, while the majority of the directors that has hired for the have thus far proven to be fairly sober, serious types (with even the jovial likes of and taking their projects rather seriously), helmer seems to have a very, very different approach to his job.

One that, with the film's stars and nearing the end of their time on set, has led to a seriously glorious farewell message from Waititi. Y'see...

Taika Waititi Just 'Trolled' Goodbye To Chris Hemsworth And Tom Hiddleston

That, at least, seems the most obvious way to describe Waititi's apparently earnest yet clearly entirely flippant (pun absolutely intended) message to his two stars. What's more, the director's doubling down on the old fashioned bird-flip ultimately proves an endearing accompaniment to his "pair of idiots"-referencing caption, thus achieving its inevitable covert goal: To make us all even more excited to see Waititi's outsider take on the universe. Oh, and to let us all know that principal photography on the movie is set to end any day now. But mostly the goofy excitement thing.

After all, this is a man whose approach to Reddit AMA's is roughly that of a typical college freshman...

...albeit one who knows ...

...and whose response to the new poster was, well, this:

Not, of course, that he reserves his gleefully gentle snark for competitors. Marvel's other directors are often on the receiving end of some trademark Waititi wit, too:

And, of course, he posts stuff like this. Because the guy directing Thor: Ragnarok is officially an 8-year-old.

And, honestly? He couldn't be more perfect.

Just maybe don't tell that he's not the funny one anymore. Or, for that matter, let know that he's actually a fictional character, being directed in a major motion picture by a distinctly entertaining New Zealander. The big lug couldn't deal with that kind of meta breakdown — not even after spending all that time living with his new buddy Darryl:

Oh, Darryl.

Still want more on Thor: Ragnarok, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Just how funny will Waititi's take on the MCU turn out to be? Let us know below!



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