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The first issue of the Thor: The Dark World prelude comic comes out this week, and the story is practically riddled with hints as to what you can possibly expect from 's Thor: The Dark World.

Full on Thor: The Dark World spoilers below, so proceed at your own risk!

The story takes place somewhere between The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World and features characters like Jane Foster, Sif and the Warriors Three, Loki, Heimdall, and Odin. Those of us who have been dying to know what happened to Loki after his capture might finally get to find out... Take a look:

(via Comic Book Movie)

There's a lot of Thor: The Dark World spoilers to work with here. But the biggest reveal for me is that the reptilian alien species The Badoon are featured in the second to last image. What's interesting about these guys is that they happen to be a Guardians of the Galaxy villain, and now they're featured in a Thor: The Dark World comic book tie-in... Begin speculation!

Do these Thor: The Dark World spoilers amp your excitement for the movie's November 8th release?


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