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Mark Newton

Cinema-goers flocking to see Iron Man 3 will probably already be excited enough, but here's a reason to get extra giddy. It looks like Iron Man 3 will most likely ship with the trailer for upcoming Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World.

That means you can get a look at the trailer in theaters on May 3rd, but that's not all. are also reporting that they've uncovered a Spanish poster for Iron Man 3 including a tagline stating: "Also enjoy an exclusive preview of Thor: The Dark World." Iron Man 3 is expecting to hit Spanish theaters a week earlier than the US, premiering on April 26th. With it opening in the UK on the same day, it's probably likely that an English Thor trailer could hit the web sometime in April.

Basically, the wait is almost over!

What do you think? Has it been a long wait for you? Let me know all about it below.


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