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Since Disney's acquisition of Lucasgilm back in 2012, we've received more Star Wars content than we know what to do with. We've been flooded with amazing books like the Star Wars: Aftermath series and Star Wars: Bloodline. Marvel has generated fantastic new comic series featuring the likes of Darth Vader and Lando Calrissian. Star Wars: Rebels gives us new Star Wars content every week! Disney's new stories from a galaxy far, far away are not only bountiful, it's all cohesive and intertwined.

This wasn't always the case though. The stories that made up the Star Wars Expanded Universe weren't governed by any story group, which meant that sometimes, certain stories didn't fit in with others.

It wasn't a surprise to hear that Disney and Lucasfilm were cleaning house. However, there were many aspects of the Expanded Universe, or EU, that we hated to see go. Luckily, the amazing creative teams at Lucasfilm felt the same way. They decided not to scrap it all, and instead relabeled it all Star Wars Legends. They take bits and pieces of the Legends and mix them into the new canon stories.

The latest Legend to be incorporated into the new canon is Grand Admiral Thrawn who made his first appearance in Timothy Zahn's book trilogy. Fans of the books were elated when they heard about his introduction in Star Wars: Rebels Season 3. Thrawn was one of the most popular characters in the Legends stories, and his return to canon has us all excited to see which Legends property will be revived next!

Here are 14 Legends characters, places, and species that could be easily included into Star Wars canon!

Dash Rendar

I love smugglers. Don't get me wrong, Jedi are mysterious and bounty Hhnters are cool, but nothing beets a Ssmuggler. Dash Rendar is one of the most important smuggler characters in all of Star Wars lore. He first showed up in the Star Wars novel Shadows of the Empire in which he helps the Rebels find Han Solo after he's frozen and taken to Jabba's palace. Dash may only be in it for the money at first, but like Han Solo, he's a big soft Wookiee under that durasteel exterior. One of the main Star Wars elements that wasn't as prevalent in The Force Awakens was the underworld. After the loss of Han, we need a new lovable rogue Smuggler to bring in that criminal element we all love.

The Voss

Star Wars video games have generated some of the coolest Star Wars content around. Star Wars: The Old Republic introduced us to a new planet inhabited by a new race, the Voss. They are a race who not only look cool, they are also naturally strong and skilled with the force. The Voss elders use the Force to see through time and make decisions for their people. They are by far, one of my favorite Star Wars races, and I would love to see them in canon.

Should we ever see a book or series about Luke or Rey's exploration of the Force, I hope that the Voss are involved in some capacity. Their natural link to the Force would make them an extremely cool element to use in any Star Wars story.

Kyle Katarn

In the Legends timeline, Luke Skywalker creates a new Jedi Academy and Jedi Order after the destruction of the second Death Star which is much like what happened in canon. However, the Legends gave us a much deeper look into the new Jedi order through the game series, Jedi Knight.

The breakout star of the Jedi Knight series was Kyle Katarn, an Imperial turned rebel mercenary turned Jedi, who's second only to Luke Skywalker himself. Should Luke or Rey ever start a new order, we all hope to see Kyle Katarn show up and show his skills.


Knights of the Old Republic is held in high esteem, and might possibly be the most popular Star Wars video game of all time. Among many other things, the game showed us a new oceanic planet known as Manaan. The reason I like this planet so much is that I always found Kamino extremely cool, except for the fact that it always seems to be raining.

Manaan is much like Kamino in structure, having man made islands dotting the water's surface, but it's much less dreary. Part of the fun of Manaan was its legal system, and trying to get things done while following the laws of the planet. I'd love to see a character like Leia or Poe Dameron get swept up into the politics of Manaan.


The Zahn trilogy brought us so many cool things like Thrawn, which sometimes meant that interesting elements would get buried under all of the other interesting elements introduced. For this reason, many are unfamiliar with the Ysalamir, a lizard like species that creates a Force free bubble around itself. Thrawn used them to keep Force sensitives from seeing his full plans. This season on Rebels, Thrawn is facing two Jedi and a Sith which means the Ysalamir could come in handy.

Natasi Daala

Star Wars is currently in the business of showing us amazing female characters like Rey, Jyn Erso, and Ahsoka Tano. One character who would make a great re-addition to Star Wars lore is Natasi Daala. She was a protege to Moff Tarkin who saw her potential while others couldn't see past the fact that she was a woman.

She became the first female Admiral of the Imperial Navy. Natasi Daala's story would continue Lucasfilm's current amazing track record of gender equality which makes her a perfect candidate for re-canonization. That, and she's really cool!

Sith Purebloods

If you know Star Wars, then you know the Sith are an order of dark side Force users. What you may not know is that according to Legends, the Sith were originally a humanoid race on Korriban. They had a predisposition for the dark side and after years of breeding with humans, became more on a Sith human hybrid.

I always thought this was an interesting piece of lore concerning the Sith who we really don't know all that much about. Should Lucasfilm dive into Sith history, including the Sith species would be a very cool tie into the Legends.


One great thing about the Original tTilogy was its abundance of villains. We had formal villains, like Vader, Tarkin, and Palpatine, and then we had informal, criminal villains like Jabba the Hutt. There's something fun about a criminal villain. They seem to be above the law and go unpunished for the bad things they do.

Xizor, the main villain in Shadows of the Empire, was a crime lord who was also very influential in the Empire which made him a huge threat to the Rebels. Xizor would make a great villain for a novel or comic. Defeating him would greatly expand and progress the story of the heroes. I'd love to see our favorite Star Wars heroes going up against a crime boss who's sheltered by politics.


Like I said before, I love species that have natural ties to the Force. One of which are the Miraluka who came from the Old Republic game series. They are born without eyes and so they use Force sight. They see using fine tuned natural Force sensitivity. Kanan Jarrus is currently dealing with being blinded in his battle with Maul on Rebels. The Miraluka, a blind Force sensitive race, could be of great help to a newly blind Jedi. I'd love to see the force guide Kanan to some small village of Miraluka who could help him regain mobility and prowess.

Talon Karrde

Talon Karrde was one of the best characters to come from the Zahn trilogy of novels. Talon Karrde is basically a Han Solo-esque smuggler with Lando Calrissian's business acumen and Jabba the Hutt's crime network. Talon and his smugglers would make an excellent TV series if you ask me. Wink wink, hint hint, Lucasfilm.


The rumors we've been hearing about Star Wars: Episode VIII have had a lot to do with the origin of the Jedi. In the Legends, the Jedi Order was started and the first Jedi temple was built on the planet Tython. Star Wars: The Old Republic depicted the planet as beautiful and mountainous, with secrets of the light side hidden around every corner. I would love to see more of Tython's beauty and mystery. Who knows, maybe Rey and Luke will be headed there next December.

The Shan Family

Family names hold a lot of meaning in Star Wars stories. You know who the Skywalkers and the Solos are. As far as the Legends go, the Shans are the family to watch. Bastilla Shan was a powerful Jedi who could use her powers to control entire battles. Her great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter became the grand master of the Jedi Council. Her son Theron became one of the coolest rogue spy characters in all of Star Wars. The Shans are amazing characters, and I'm dying to see them return to canon.


Revan is one of the most popular non-canon Star Wars characters out there. Being powerful in both the light and dark sides of the Force, Revan is one of the most powerful characters in all of Star Wars lore. Revan was almost introduced in an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars but was eventually removed by George Lucas. With the international love for the character, it's hard to believe he's yet to show up in canon. I would be surprised to see him sometime soon in a comic or on screen.

Mara Jade

Mara Jade was the breakout star of the Zahn trilogy of books. She was intent on killing Luke Skywalker because of her Imperial brainwashing. Later on, she breaks free of the Emperor's grasp and helps Luke defeat Thrawn and his allies. Mara eventually became a Jedi Master and the mother of Luke's child.

Mara is a Skywalker in most fans minds and were saddened to hear that George Lucas was firmly against her existence. Now that the story group has the final say on what happens in the Star Wars time line, we're all hoping to see Jade in canon once again!

Want more Star Wars?

I absolutely love Star Wars, even the parts the aren't canon. One of the reasons I love it especially much now, is that Lucasfilm listens to the fans like us. We wanted to see an amazing female lead. They gave us Rey and Jyn Erso arrives in December. We wanted Admiral Thrawn to be canon again, and now here he is on Star Wars Rebels.

Let's keep talking about the characters and places we miss, as well as characters and places we wish to see, because LucasFilm hears us, and they're always looking for ways to incorporate what we want into the stories we love.

What's your favorite person/place/thing from the Star Wars Legends? Tell us in the comments below!


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