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It looks like the anthology films shot first, because the untitled solo film just released some exciting information about what to expect when we enter the younger years of the galaxy's most infamous heartthrob. We already know that Chris Miller and Phil Lord's Solo anthology film won't be such a solo adventure, but the film has just added three more names to its cast list to celebrate Star Wars Day.

With a cast that already includes , , , and , it looks like Miller and Lord are continuing their theme of The LEGO Batman Movie with a star-studded cast. Although we know that Ehrenreich is playing the titular Han, Glover is Lando Calrissian, and Harrelson let slip he was playing Han's criminal mentor called Beckett, little else is known about the others.

Lights, Camera, Action Man

In annual May 4 tradition, there has been a flurry of activity around the ruled franchise, just days after we learned that "Mother Proxima," "Val," and "Dryden Vos" were tooling up for a trip into the cosmos. While we still don't have a name for Han Solo, we do know that "Rebolt," "Moloch," and "Moloch’s Henchman" will also be part of the proceedings. Nothing too much to take away from here, as they just sound like your generic made up Star Wars names.

According to Making Star Wars, the role of Rebolt will be played by Sing Street's Ian Kinney, whose involvement has previously been announced. The name conjures up some sort of droid, or possibly a mechanic, which certainly fits Han's profile as a wayward smuggler and capable pilot. As for Moloch, he will be played by Harley Durst — a well-known stunt double. With Durst being a double for the likes of Tom Hiddleston and performing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it is safe to assume that the part of Moloch will be a fairly physical one.

Finally, Tien Hoang will be playing a (presumably small) role as Moloch's henchman. Fairly new to acting, Hoang's credits only go as far back as 2015, however, you can check out his impressive martial arts on his Instagram. Making Star Wars also reports that they have heard the names “Gremm” and “Emlys Nest,” but aren't sure whether they is more characters or just place names.

With the new additions of two stunt performers, could Han Solo be trying to top the impressive stunts from last year's Rogue One? With Disney behind you, there are certainly the bucks to give us a sprawling adventure into new realms of the galaxy into which hasn't ventured before.

Concerningly though, we still have no clue as to what role lead actress Emilia Clarke will be playing, or Michael K. Williams and Thandie Newton's parts. There is certainly a veil of secrecy over proceedings, but with just over a year to go, Lord and Miller better kick this one into hyperspace!

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(Source: Making Star Wars)


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