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FX has gone full steam ahead in serving up creep-tastic teasers for Cult ever since the upcoming season's title was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. The compilation of American Horror Story: Cult teasers so far may leave fans scratching their heads, but not because of the honeycomb. Series creator Ryan Murphy claimed that the upcoming season would revolve around the last presidential election, but most of the footage hints at some kind of strange clown cult. So how do all of these short clips tie in? Well, three new teasers just dropped, and they may provide some clues.

The first and longest of the bunch -- coming in at a whopping 21 seconds -- is titled "Whistling In the Dark" and shows a young woman in a white dress running barefoot in the street trying to get away from a trio of clowns. The trio, equipped with weapons, casually walk and catch up to her. The footage seems to indicate that the woman had escaped and they were sent to retrieve her.

The next two teasers are a little similar in nature, including the bald clowns and lots of hands. Titled "Ritual Queen" and "Hands", the footage could indicate some sort of rituals performed by the clown cult. With a woman in the center, it could also tie in with the first teaser. The woman running away may have chosen for a ritual or sadistic sacrifice and tried to make a run for it.

Despite the lack of confirmation, all signs are pointing that 's character Kai is actually the cult's leader. Troublesome behavior on the part of Peters could be threatening the safety of all involved, which would explain the recent character posters. Each image includes a clown lurking in the shadows, so is it possible that these are the characters trying to exploit the cult in hopes of shutting it down? Time will tell soon, as we only have a few more weeks to find out.

American Horror Story: Cult premieres September 5, 2017 on FX.

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