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's massively anticipated X-Men: Days Of Future Past has barely got off the ground with production, but three of the movie's stars are already thinking of a way to get the director to change his mind about giving their characters more screentime.

The report comes from the latest issue of Star (via Celebitchy), and reveals that is "furious" with Singer for slashing her screen time in favor of the original cast members. Apparently, the Silver Lining's Playbook actress has teamed up with both and in order to confront the director.

The three angry thesps seem to be pulling together to get Singer to revisit their roles and offer them more time in front of the camera:

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are also victims of Bryan's editing pen and they're just as annoyed as Jen is. All three stars are earning $3 million for their roles, so they've decided to team up and make a plea to Bryan.

The same person who offered the tip-off about the plea also commented that:

Bryan Singer is not the sort of person you want to [cross]. She should just shut up and get on with things.

If true, could this bold move from Lawrence end up doing her career more harm than good? Getting a reputation for being an egomaniac can't be great for anyone, even an Oscar-winner. Plus, Singer is probably just trying to find an organic balance for his movie and to mess with the casting could throw things off course. What do you think?

Days of Future Past will storm into theaters in 2014. Considering the awesome list of actors cast in it, the old X-Men cast (including , and ), plus the new additions, this sure as hell is going to be one lively flick.



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