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Ever since refused to give it a try, Disney has been looking for a new actress to try on Cinderella's glass slipper. For a while it seemed like The Host's would take it on, but that may have changed.
First up is (right), an Australian actress who you'll have most recently seen in 's Dark Shadows and 's Not Fade Away. According to Deadline, Disney have just drawn up a shortlist of three young actress, and her name isn't on it.

Up against her is Lily James (middle), a British actress who you have spotted in Downton Abbey and Wrath of the Titans.

Last but not least is (below), another Aussie last seen in Pan Am and who you won't have seen yet in 's The Wolf of Wall Street.

Although all of these actresses have some big films under their belts, the chance to play Cinderella will almost undoubtedly blast them into the big time, especially considering they will star opposite . Director will be putting them through their paces this week in London.

It's no good having a Cinderella without a Price Charming. Branagh is also on the lookout for a suitable actor to take on the iconic role. According to Deadline, , who plays Robb Stark in Game of Thrones is currently on the shortlist.

Do you think any of these actress can be the next Cinderalla? Or do you have your own recommendations? Let me know below.


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