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Season 8 of Dexter will be returning this summer for an epic installment that is sure to leave us gasping for breath.

The show, which hosts everyone's favorite blood spatter pattern analyst and serial killer, has been one that audiences have really gotten into, primarily for the enticing plot β€” as well as the unusual protagonist who harbors a questionable set of morals.

The promo trailer comes at us paired with a super thrilling first look at the upcoming drama Ray Donovan, which stars as the main character. In that show, Schreiber is the ultimate fixer, and tries his hardest to be the go-to man for rich people with problems that don't seem to go away.

The sneak peek at Dexter Season 8 doesn't reveal all that much; however, it does do an awesome job of reminding fans why they've fallen in love with the show. It also does some good work reminding us all what happened in Season 7 (like the LaGuerta incident) and, for those who aren't already hooked, highlights a few major plot points without totally spoiling the dramatic twists. Ready? Here it is:

(via Cinema Blend)

That was top drawer.

So, what can we expect from Season 8? Showrunner told TV Guide that he'd be excited to explore Dexter's origin story a bit more. In other words, return to his childhood:

We've heard Harry's version of what happened and we've seen some flashbacks, but I think we can widen the scope of that and see that Dexter had a slightly different beginning than even he imagined. I think it became a very interesting story and it’s not just flashbacks, but it's how all of that impacts and affects his life as it is now. It's not just looking backwards; it's actually very much moving forward in an interesting way.

It would be awesome to get more details about Dexter's full character, and the backstory could deliver some powerful material. Could this also hint at the possibility of the show's extension to Season 9 and maybe even to Season 10? Dexter has to go on if they haven't finished telling his story yet, right?

I hope not. If they try to squeeze another season out of this show, the quality is going to plummet, and believability, already strained numerous times throughout the show, will go out the window. End it next season on an extremely high note and craft a stellar final season.

Between the return of Dexter and the premiere of Ray Donovan, Showtime subscribers have a lot to look forward to this year. What are you most excited about? Does Ray Donovan spark any interest in you? Do you think Dexter should continue after Season 8? Let us know, fans!

Dexter Season 8 will start on the Sunday, June 30th on Showtime. The Ray Donovan premiere will immediately follow.



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