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Now, with all of the speculative figures that have been thrown around regarding 's , and in particular its potential takings on its opening weekend, it's actually something of a relief for the film to finally hit theaters. After all, come Monday, we'll have a pretty solid idea of exactly how much 's last hurrah as actually made, as opposed to a pretty solid idea of how much it could theoretically make, if the industry's prediction models are in fact correct.

While the possibility for such speculation still exists, though, it's worth noting that:

Thursday's Box Office Figures Might Just Bode Well For 'Logan'

'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

Y'see, it seems that Logan made an impressive — if not exactly earth-shattering — amount of money this past Thursday, earning $9.5 million domestically during its preview screenings that night. Which, compared to, say, X-Men: Apocalypse, is actually pretty good indeed, seeing as that film made only $8.2 million in the same period. In fact, Logan even managed to beat out Doctor Strange, which was only able to muster $9.4 million back in November 2016, despite having the sheer force of Marvel Studios' reputation behind it.

The only problem, of course, is that there's no real way of knowing how accurate an indicator those Thursday night screenings will ultimately prove when it comes to the opening weekend as a whole. On the one hand, it's entirely possible that Logan could exceed its current expectations (roughly within the $65–$70 million window) and earn a comparable amount to 's Doctor Strange's final haul of $85 million. Alternatively, though, Logan's Thursday takings could simply suggest that a small number of fans are hugely excited for the movie — something that won't necessarily translate into big earnings when the film looks for a broader audience on Friday and Saturday.

'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

In other words? Logan might well be set to massively exceed box office predictions... or it might be about to make pretty much exactly what everyone thought it would.

As you were, then.

What do you think, though? Will Logan defy expectations and make more money this weekend than expected? Let us know below!

(Sources: Variety)


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