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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has had its challenges to overcome, such as the infamous reshoots, leaked details, and being the first standalone movie in the Star Wars franchise. Fortunately, it seems LucasFilm and Disney are confident enough in this new installment and it's still well on its way to meet its December release date.

Recently, the newest trailer came out. It was incredibly exhilarating and made me even more pumped to watch the finished product.

Considering everything the movie has to prove itself as a standalone feature, its connections to the rest of the galaxy, far, far away still have to be present and, fortunately for us, there are some to pick up from the new trailer. So let's break them down.

1. The Underworld

One of the things that the filmmakers are trying to represent the most in Rogue One is how the people living in the outer planets see the Empire, particularly during times of war. This shot focuses on the underworld, and, considering its nature, there are clearly a few bounty hunters hanging around. Who knows? Maybe Boba Fett is someplace out of shot.

A topic that's been on the radar of many filmmakers and showrunners for years is Star Wars' underworld. A while back, there was even a TV series planned that unfortunately never became a reality.

Rogue One is a gamble, so the little insight into what goes on below the great spaceship battles (which, aside from Attack of the Clones and Clone Wars has been very rarely explored) could hold a significance to the future of the underworld exploration in the franchise.

2. The Fallen Jedi Order

The Jedi have been gone for more than 20 years. The fallen statue in the picture above stands out to me because it looks like it was part of more than your average Jedi council building. In The Force Unleashed video game, the protagonist, Starkiller, travels to a Jedi temple that has statues sharing a striking resemblance to the one in the trailer.

This statue hints at the power the Jedi once held as the protectors of the galaxy so hopefully in Rogue One we'll get a better insight into their world and a greater understanding of their importance in the universe.

3. Darth Vader's Connection To The Jedi

This part ties to the previous entry on the list. Seeing how we are getting hints of the Jedi in the movie, a strong connection to that past will most likely be Darth Vader. We know he and Orson Krennic are rivals and, during the trailer, we see Krennic telling Vader:

"The power that we are dealing with here... is immeasurable".

This line came as a surprise to me, as it sounded like him trying to convince Darth Vader to use the Death Star.

Could it be that the former Jedi is having doubts about his allegiance to the dark side and we get a few references to what the Jedi order used to be? It's common knowledge in the Empire that Vader is Anakin Skywalker so Krennic's insistence could be aided by him taunting the Sith lord about his heroic past.

4. Saw Guerrera's Robotic Leg

Saw Guerrera was incorporated from animation into the live-action, an extremely rare occurrence. However, in Clone Wars, he didn't have a robotic leg:

As weird as it sounds, his leg alone hints at his trouble with the Empire. A couple of months ago, Forest Whitaker (Saw Guerrera), talked about his character's tumultuous past:

“He’s been through many conflicts and many wars, so it’s also about [repairing] some of the many injuries he’s had. He wears it all the time."

With this quote, its clear his leg is a reminder of what has happened to him in the past. We know that the version of Saw Guerrera we meet in this film isn't the same as the person who was Anakin Skywalker's friend. In fact, they're now sworn enemies. Could it be that his missing leg is courtesy of a confrontation with Darth Vader himself? Or did he lose it during an important, but as-yet-unknown battle in the history of the Star Wars universe?

5. "Rebellions Are Built On Hope"

I don't think this needs any more explanation, but just in case: The very first Star Wars movie is subtitled "A New Hope," referencing Luke Skywalker and his realization of his existence's greater purpose.

Jyn Erso's "Rebellions are built on hope" line is a clear foreshadow for the future Jedi knight. I might be reaching here, but is it possible that we get a look at young Luke during the film?

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first standalone movie in the franchise. However, its connections to the larger, interconnected universe are both inevitable and welcome. As fans of the franchise, it's incredibly fun to pick on the little details left by the filmmakers for us to find. The question now becomes: Which of these details will be used in the franchise in the future?

Are you happy with these hints at the larger Star Wars universe? Do you think they're setting up bigger storylines for the franchise?

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