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David Latona

Tiffany Toth, the September 2011 Playmate of the month, is really hot. In more than one way. The California sun can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, so what better way to cool off than with a ridiculously expensive bottle of 138 water? Described on their website as "a new brand of premium, purified, electrolyte-infused drinking water, packaged in 8 different bottle colors, allowing consumers to complement their style or mood with their water," this luxury dihydrogen monoxide comes with a stylish suggested retail price tag of $1.99 per bottle. In any case, the absolutely sexy Miss Toth has completely upstaged the product, showcasing that sometimes, a curvy - yet tight - body is more attractive than even the best-designed plastic liquid containers. Without further ado, check out Tiffany as she basks in the fall heat wearing a thankfully skimpy outfit:

Images via hollywoodtuna.


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