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Once Upon A Time has been pulling from many stories this season from literature and classic novels. From the story of Jekyll and Hyde, to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the ABC show, which is owned by , has gone beyond even the reach of their well-known fairy tales for a season of "Untold Stories."

Now, however, it seems as though they are going back to basics, as the showrunners are now casting the princess of the tribe of Native Americans on Neverland, Tiger Lily. She is described by showrunners as

“A force to be reckoned with. She’s the kind of woman who’ll risk her life to save yours — and she’ll do it even quicker if it benefits her.”

Tiger Lily & Peter Pan (Disney)
Tiger Lily & Peter Pan (Disney)

It was surprising that she didn't appear in Season 3, when the characters traveled to Neverland to defeat Peter Pan, but I suppose with the return of Rose McIver as Tinker Bell, it's better late than never.

While in the Disney cartoon Tiger Lily was a fairly meek damsel-in-distress (not to mention now strongly considered a racist stereotype on many levels), it seems as though the creators are taking a page out of the Pan movie, making her stronger and more capable of taking care of herself. Just like her animated Disney counterpart, however, she does have a history with a certain one-handed captain.

Robbie Kay as Peter Pan (Disney)
Robbie Kay as Peter Pan (Disney)

With these two characters from Neverland showing up, is there hope for a return of Peter Pan (played by Robbie Kay)? Sure, he was killed off completely in the Underworld, but Emma and Regina are in an alternate universe right now. What if he wasn't killed there? We have already seen the return of Sean Maguire's Robin Hood, who was killed by Hades last season, in the alternate universe. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for this evil nymph to show up again. On , anything is possible.

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Once Upon A Time returns to ABC March 5th.


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