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Sophie Atkinson

Nyooo! and have always seemed like one of the most solid couples in showbiz. Up until today.

In photos obtained by (obviously) the Daily Mail, the director was seen kissing a 'mystery blonde' after leaving a cinema in Hampstead after a viewing of The Wicker Man.

Burton, 55, has been together with Carter, 47, for the last 12 years and the couple have two children together. A source told the Mail, 'They stopped in an alley to kiss before making their way back to her car together.'

But, on the other hand, another source told the Daily News that the images are 'complete nonsense' and that the successful director was out that evening with a large group including his family, friends and colleagues.

Nobody so far seems to have suggested the most obvious option – clearly, Burton was smooching the blonde. And maybe he was out with a large group. Given the unconventional nature of Bonham Carter and Burton’s relationship, with the pair living in two separate houses next door to each other, would it be that surprising if the pair was happily in an open relationship with each other? It would explain the separate house arrangement, and also explain away the smooch.

I'm crossing my fingers this is the case.


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