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Brian Salisbury

Last year, when Disney's Frankenweenie was released, I remember jokingly remarking that we had reached a point wherein had finally remade and adapted everything out there and had in fact recycled all the way back around to remaking his own stuff. Sadly, it appears that trend is continuing. According to a report from The Schmoes Know, not only is coming back to reprise his role as the titular ghost with the most, but also Tim Burton is in talks to return to direct Beetlejuice 2.

The script for the long-gestating sequel has been penned by (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and and it's rumored that Burton is thinking of opting out of directing duties on Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, supposedly in favor of Beetlejuice 2.

No no no no NO! Please understand, I do not take any pleasure in denigrating Burton. It pains me to see one of the most promising, visionary directors of all time reduced to an uninspired shadow of his former self. However it remains the case that Burton's tendency to wallow in unoriginal drek does not instill a great deal of confidence for this highly unnecessary sequel.

Am I wrong? What do you guys think?


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