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The Terminator franchise has been slowly declining with audiences due to uninspired and contradictory sequels, but with James Cameron and Linda Hamilton returning to the franchise after more than 25 years, fans are excited for what's to come. And Deadpool’s Tim Miller is directing the new trilogy, so you know it's going to kick ass.

Despite only having one movie under his belt, Miller is the perfect choice, and here's why...

'Deadpool' Was A High Risk/High Reward Kind Of Movie

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Tim Miller was a first-time director when he tackled Deadpool. We knew little of him besides working on visual effects on films such as Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. When his name was attached to direct the Merc with a Mouth, we were unsure of what to expect — especially since X-Men Origins: Wolverine infamously botched Ryan Reynolds's character.

Fortunately, Tim Miller had spent years developing Deadpool with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Reynolds was heavily involved, and they got things right before getting the green light to film it.

Deadpool turned out to be a massive success, exceeding all expectations at the box office. The film was original and appealed to both hardcore fans and the general audience. It also encouraged Fox to be open-minded about R-rated superhero movies, leading to the critically acclaimed Logan.

The Terminator franchise is another high risk, high reward project because it's hard to top The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, as the other sequels have shown. Miller must succeed where directors Jonathan Mostow, McG and Alan Taylor have failed. But he can fill James Cameron's shoes and make the franchise relevant again.

In fact, Terminator needs Miller more than he needs Terminator.

Why The Terminator Franchise Needs Tim Miller

The Terminator sequels haven’t stood out since Judgement Day back in 1991, which balanced memorable action with a resonant story. The sequels were bogged down by generic action and convoluted stories.

Rebooting the franchise with Tim Miller is a great way to begin again. What Miller did so well with Deadpool was the stakes feel high on a personal level, not just on a saving-the-world level. That is what the Terminator needs for us to empathize with the characters beyond the generic humans vs. machines action.

Speaking of action, Miller accomplished great sequences in Deadpool by making it character-driven, over-the-top fun. With a Terminator film, Miller could invent new and refreshing ways of portraying heroes fighting evil machines. Working with James Cameron could elevate the vision further, giving us the actual war we all have been waiting decades to see.

A Hard R-Rating Is Guaranteed

Cameron and Miller know how to use the R-rating creatively. Deadpool wasn't R-rated for the sake of an R rating; Deadpool's uncensored freedom is part of his character. He's unapologetic and sees only violence as a solution to his problems, and Miller depicted it faithfully.

Cameron does the same, keeping violence rooted in character. Machines are willing to do anything and everything to kill their target; the T-1000 was an unstoppable force that used its tools to great storytelling extent, not just for shock value. The R rating will definitely be a topic of discussion for the Terminator reboot, just like it was for Deadpool, but it's important because the violence adds to the characters in the film.

Miller's approach to Deadpool was creative and took time. It was simultaneously a faithful and an original vision. Now he's been given a clean slate to reinvigorate a tarnished but legendary franchise. It'll be back.

What do you think of Tim Miller helming the Terminator reboot? Do you think he's the right choice? Let me know in the comment section below.


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