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"I love you honey bunny". has admitted that he is hoping to rekindle his cinematic relationship with and that the two of them will sit down soon and have a "serious talk about his next film." In an interview with Getty Images Entertainment, Roth was asked when he will collaborate with the Pulp Fiction director again, revealing:

I don’t know (when) but… we were trying to do Inglourious Basterds but I had the TV show in the US that had just kicked in at the point so I couldn’t do it. It think the schedule would have required me to be away for a long time shooting in Germany so… I actually saw Quentin the other night and so we’re gonna a meet for a beer now that all the awards season thing has faded away and we can have a serious talk about [his next film].

As Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs and Pumpkin in Pulp Fiction, Roth delivered two career-high performances, and although he was rumored to be up for the role of Archie Hicox in Inglourious Basterds, his commitment to Lie to Me meant the role was passed on to Michael Fassbender instead. I look forward to seeing what he and Tarantino have in store for us next.


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