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It looks like the expanding MCU has lost another of its big stars, and just as we head into Avengers: Infinity War. Promising to be the team-up of all team-ups, the good and the bad of Marvel are looking to take on the Mad Titan Thanos in the two-part ensemble. Basically, it seems like it's now or never for many of the 's forgotten characters, but has confirmed he won't be back as Emil Blonsky.

For those who don't remember, Blonsky was a major part of 2008's The Incredible Hulk, tearing through the streets of Harlem as the British Marine-turned-monster, Abomination. After being defeated by our titular Green Meanie at the end of the film, Blonsky's fate was left unknown until Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. confirmed he is under constant guard in a cryo-cell — sounds like a prime comeback to me, right?

What An Abomination

Appearing in an "ask me anything" (AMA) on Reddit, Roth dismissed the idea of reprising his role as a sparring partner for 's "new" Hulk:

“I don’t think Marvel will ever use me again, but it would be fun.”

Something didn't quite sit well about The Incredible Hulk, and the recasting of Edward Norton with Ruffalo is just one example of the movie's black sheep status within the MCU. It is a sad state of affairs, especially considering that early drafts of Joss Whedon's The Avengers reportedly brought Abomination out of retirement for round two. While the expanded universe is held up by big stars like RDJ, Chris Evans, and Tom Holland, there has been some spectacular talent that we have forgotten about, like Michael Douglas, Natalie Portman, and obviously Roth.

Sure, Blonsky may not be quite as memorable as the likes of Red Skull, Obadiah Stane, or Loki, but he was a big part of the MCU's early days. While most other villains have immortalized themselves in some form in the universe's future, Abomination has faded into nothingness alongside most of the film. In fact, the only tie to Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk we have seen of late was the inclusion of William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross in Captain America: Civil War. Despite the possible inclusions of Red Hulk or a Thunderbolts movie, it doesn't sound like Abomination will be popping up in the MCU again. That being said, we have already thought about how Samuel Sterns could return for , so never say never.

Hulking, Not Sulking

The only way you can really imagine Abomination's need to return outside Infinity War, would be in a solo film. However, with Universal currently holding the rights to a Hulk standalone, no one is really expecting Ruffalo's Bruce Banner to get his own time to shine. Both studios would have to strike some sort of Spider-Man deal for a solo film, and it doesn't look like anyone is in a rush, and it is exactly why Hulk has been resigned to the Avengers films, playing second-fiddle to Thor in Ragnarok.

It is certainly sad that Roth has resigned himself to staying Marvel limbo, but he joins other villains like Justin Hammer and Trevor Slattery (what if he really was the Mandarin?), as well as favorite characters like Lady Sif and Liv Tyler's Betty Ross. There are of course chances that Kevin Feige could approach a Hulk solo, and if so, Roth better put his cellphone on standby.

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