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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Veteran actor and Tarantino favorite Tim Roth had previously mentioned enduring sexual abuse as a child in interviews, but in a recent talk with The Guardian, Roth told the paper that his abuser also abused his father:

"He was an abused kid, my dad, and it was a terrible childhood that he had, and he took that shit seriously.

He was a damaged soul. I loved him. He was funnier than fuck. He was abused. And I was abused. But I was not abused by him. I was abused by his abuser."

A young Tim Roth in 'Made in Britain', 1983. [Credit: ITV]
A young Tim Roth in 'Made in Britain', 1983. [Credit: ITV]

Even more horrifically, the man who abused Roth was his grandfather, his dad's father. The pain he and his father experienced from his grandfather's sexual abuse of them both informed Roth's critically acclaimed movie about domestic abuse, The War Zone:

"It was his father. He was a fucking rapist. But nobody had the language. Nobody knew what to do. That’s why I made 'The War Zone'."

The War Zone is an incredibly powerful movie, and while what happened to Roth and his father should never happen to anyone, the film is a great testament to the power of creativity in dealing with emotional pain.


What's your favorite Tim Roth role in a Tarantino movie?

(Source: The Guardian)


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