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Halloween just passed, but we keep getting news about resurrected legendary monsters.

After Dracula has come alive in a new TV show, which offers a "new view of the first vampire" and a new werewolf has been slaying American families in 's Wer, it does not come as great surprise that Frankenstein is going to be reinvented in its own remake, too.

Lionsgate has released a new poster for I, Frankenstein, hitting cinemas January 24. "200 years later, he is still alive", standing on a giant gargoyle and watching the invaded world burning in flames... With demons circling around his head, he looks like a lone hero with a great burden on his shoulders: he has to save humanity. Also, the environment looks quite Gothic for a contemporary present.

From the creators of the action horror film series Underworld, directed by and based on the original novel and screenplay by , Frankenstein's monster is called Adam () and he finds himself in a war between two immortal clans in a dystopic present. Both the vigilant gargoyles and the murderous demons want to discover his secret to immortality. The film also stars , , , , , Mahesh Jadu, and .

If you haven't already seen the trailer, the story will concentrate less on the identity crisis of Frankenstein's monster, and more on the action-packed and spectacularly violent war between the supernatural creatures.

Does this look like it has anything to do with the original Frankenstein?

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