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Sophie Atkinson

I rarely get all that excited by trailers, but today all that changed after I saw the trailer for 's new rom-com, About Time. I should state at this point, I'm not even a fan of Richard Curtis's work usually, so it's not just a knee-jerk reaction to the big name director/screenwriter. Indiewire and various other media outlets have been very nonchalant about it, but guys, where are your hearts? The concept's interesting, the leads all seem ultra charismatic, and I reckon this will be the film that'll put rom-coms back on the cultural map.

About Time stars AKA Bill Weasley as the romantic lead, Tim, an awkward guy whose father () reveals to him that he has the ability to time-travel. Tim being girl-mad, he decides to use this power not as the rest of us might (ie. to go check out why dinosaurs became extinct or to wig out to Jimi Hendrix) but by trying to improve his love life when he meets Mary () by giving himself second tries at important moments in their relationship.

The trailer's been called 'a little formulaic' and maybe that's so, but you know what? Lots of classic things are formulaic! A gin and tonic! A perfectly fitting little black dress! This hits all the right notes for me, and while the trailer might be formulaic, the idea the film hinges on seems playful and poignant and inventive. Check it out below and get back to me, though be warned, there's a mega spoiler about Bill Nighy’s character:


This film comes out on November 1 in the US - oof! So far off! Wish I had a time machine to travel to the future to see it, but you knew that already.


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