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Time travel is the hot topic this year on with shows like 12 Monkeys and Netflix's Travelers, but the drama that really deserves more attention is NBC's freshman series Timeless. Starring Matt Lanter (90210), Abigail Spencer (True Detective, Suits), Goran Visnjic (E.R.), and scene-stealer Malcolm Barrett, Timeless follows a team of time travelers as they are sent back in time to various parts of history to uncover the mysterious plan of Garcia Flynn (Visnjic) as he seeks to change key events in history.

Together, Lucy the historian, Wyatt the Delta Force soldier, and Rufus the technician soon realize that their travels throughout history have bigger consequences than they ever imagined. If you are a history nerd, Timeless was made for you.

Timeless sets itself apart from the average time travel story as it confronts social and civil rights issues and how they relate to the present. Rufus is a well educated African-American man who is often forced into parts of history where he was not welcome. The way Rufus and his team handle said situations gives the audience a sense of justice for the unfavorable parts of our history — what we wish we could say to the people who once oppressed us.

The show also keeps a real historian on set to make sure their historical events are portrayed accurately to audiences as it entwines with sci-fi. In times like these, the diverse cast and the touchy subjects they fearlessly confront is simply not a show we can afford to lose.

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

The Campaign To Renew 'Timeless'

Timeless has buoyed between 4 to 5 million viewers on average after DVR and streaming ratings are factored in, but Eric Kripke — creator of the CW's longest running show Supernatural and of Timeless — sent out a distress call on Twitter this weekend calling fans and friends to save Timeless from the doom of cancellation. In his tweet he explained live-viewers count and have been too low for NBC to green-light a second season.

From there, the tweet spread garnering the support of fellow time travel drama 12 Monkeys and the cast of Supernatural .

Kripke's call for help also got the attention of the show's famous super fan, 's Leslie Jones who has been watching since the premiere and often tweets her reactions on Twitter.

The Ghostbusters actress even one-upped herself and was able to plug Timeless in this weekend's during Weekend Update.

But celebrities weren't the only ones putting on their battle gear to fight for Timeless. Fans have begun to organize live-tweet parties and this 10 year old fan used Legos to show he is not ready to let the show go without a fight.

As films like Hidden Figures dominate the box office, Timeless was first to celebrate the achievements of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson in the episode titled "Space Race" in which the team goes back to the '60s where women were considered most valuable in the kitchen. Timeless confronts these issues without throwing them in the audience's face, but instead celebrates how far we've come while stirring the mind on how far we still have to go.

The team also goes back to the Alamo, and even to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, where they battle moral convictions to save the man that ended slavery and alter the future in an unforeseen way.Timeless is utterly invaluable television and an absolute must for time travel geeks.

Timeless has already gained a passionate fanbase — even shippers have descended on the show to endure the slow-burn of subtle attraction building between two of the show's leads, Lucy and Wyatt. The pair have been lovingly coined "Lyatt."

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

Guest starring Fear the Walking Dead's Coleman Domingo, the Timeless team heads back to the assassination of Jesse James, and gets a little help from the infamous Lone Ranger. To help save Timeless, tune in live when the show airs at 10/9c or watch it on your DVR within the first 24 hours. Also tweet during the live broadcast using the hashtag "". It's the live viewer numbers that will make the difference. Shows like Star Trek, Friday Night Lights, and Roswell were saved from cancellation by fans — so anything is possible.

Join tonight and watch Timeless live at 10/9c on NBC! The future is counting on you!


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