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What would happen if history gets rewritten? NBC recently premiered Timeless, a brand new series with an interesting concept: A trio consisting of a historian, soldier, and scientist/pilot/engineer (not sure what he is) are forced to go back in time to stop the antagonists from altering historical events. Usually time travel stories involve an element of wanting to change the past (or the future) in hopes of making a situation better. That's where turns things on its head a bit. Here are four reasons why Timeless will probably one of the TV hits of our time (fingers crossed!).

4. The Good Guys Want To PRESERVE The Past

Usually when it comes to time travel stories, people want to go back or forward in time to change something. Timeless instead has its protagonists going back in time to ensure history is preserved, and there is no domino effect that results in disaster. The bad guys (at least that's how it seems for now) want to change history for some (as yet) unknown reason. This is an unique twist to a usual story trope.

3. You'll Probably Learn A Lot About History

And maybe you'll react like the above instead of snoozing. Continuing the pace of the series premiere, the show will probably showcase a multitude of historical events, both famous and maybe even some not-so-famous ones. Knowledge is power, and it's time we gave the same limelight we give science on TV. The series will probably also make you ponder how things would be if the so-called disastrous things in the past never happened, and how the future may now be different (well, at least you would if you're a deep thinker like me). The series shows changes in the future as shades of grey, and also brings up the topic of how some things may simply be fate dealing its hand. Definitely a lot more interesting than your history teacher droning on and on in school.

2. The Glimpses Look Good

Even in its premiere episode, we get to see how minor changes in events can have an adverse effect on the future, even if you'd think otherwise. It would be interesting to see how the universe changes every time the time-traveling trio heads out to chase the villains in the series. Foreseeing that there will always be a slight change, this would keep the show fresh for a long, long time.

1. The Chemistry Among The Cast Is Great

Let's face it: The leads of a show can make a break a series, so if there is going to be more than one lead, we need great chemistry to keep us tuning in. If you saw the premiere, you'd probably think the interaction between the trio was awkward, but that's exactly why it works. Throw three strangers together and force them to work together, and naturally some awkwardness (plus friction) is bound to occur. At the same time, we see how the crew is already starting to bond and open up to each other, and it's beautiful. If they can keep up the chemistry for following episodes, and also not kill any of them GoT-style, this show definitely stands a good chance of sticking around.

Final Thoughts

If the series stays as interesting as its premiere, Timeless is sure to captivate viewers for a long time. In an era where TV shows often get axed early in the game, this show will have to keep the pace going without resorting to overused cliches if it wants to last more than a season or two. I have great hopes for this show, as I'm sure many others do too, judging from a few tweets.

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