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Emma Watson is the very definition of an elegance and loyalty. Countless times, the English Rose went above and beyond for her Hogwarts classmates, not for any personal gain, but simply because they're friends. Hermione taught us all that, above all, friendship is to be valued and fought for and Ms. Watson is exactly the same. Don't believe me? Check out all the times Emma was the greatest friend anyone could wish for.

1. A Birthday Shout Out For Luna Lovegood

Along with sending birthday love to Evy, Emma took the time to raise awareness for the LGBT cause Lynch was fighting for. If that's not girl power, I don't know what is?

2. Emma Supported Neville's Other Projects

Just by tweeting this small post, Watson reminded Matthew that she still thinks of him and supports him in all his new endeavours. In return, Longbottom supported a cause very close to Emma's heart, the campaign:

3. Emma Throws It Way Back With Rupert Grint

I absolutely adore this old photo of the best couple from Harry Potter. They all look so sweet and young. It's incredibly thoughtful for Emma to find these treasures and take the time to remind her friends of their past.

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4. Emma Met The Cursed Child Hermione And Supported The Director's Casting Of A Black Actress

This is well and truly Hermione inception. We have to give a huge high-five for Emma for speaking out on the race row that surrounded the casting of Noma. Watson took the time to go and see the West End show and show her appreciation for the cast.

5. When Emma Said What We Were All Feeling About The Loss Of Alan Rickman

The heartache we all felt after hearing the news that we had lost Professor Snape was difficult to bear, but nothing in comparison to what the Harry Potter cast must have felt. The memories of the great actor came flooding in the minute the news was announced, and Emma, true to form, honored Alan in the most eloquent way she could.

6. Watson Supported Rupert's Charities

A couple who supports each other stays together. Watson gave a loving shout-out to her on-screen husband for all he's doing for charity. It's wonderful to see all the Harry Potter cast using their fame for something positive.

7. Emma stood by Professor Trelawney's Environmental Campaign

Two Emmas standing by each other here. Oscar winning actress, Emma Thompson has been working against fracking and the melting of the polar ice caps for quite some time now. So it's great to see that Watson clearly appreciates her hard work and, in turn, raises more awareness for her efforts.

While these encounters take place on social media, I'm sure there are more personal moments that we aren't privy too. It makes perfect sense for Emma to have such strong bonds with the people she essentially grew up around. Miss Watson, you've given us all serious friendship goals. Ten Points to Gryffindor


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