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Last week, The CW's teen phenomenon Riverdale broke rating records with its Season 2 premiere — a highly-anticipated hour of television that was just as wonderfully campy as we expected. Archie and the gang are back at it with the small-town hijinks, only this time things are darker and more sexualized than ever.

Although reviews for the premiere have been generally favorable, there were still several moments that could make even the most dedicated fan squirm a little. Here are the five most disturbing scenes from "A Kiss Before Dying."

Warning: spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Riverdale.

'Riverdale' Season 2 poster [Credit: The CW]
'Riverdale' Season 2 poster [Credit: The CW]

5. The Bloody Man In Jughead's Trailer

It should say something that, in the context of this episode, Jughead coming home to a bleeding man tied up in his living room doesn't seem that weird. The Southside Serpents are already causing problems for the main cast this season: when Juggy asks them to do a little digging into Fred Andrew's potential shooter, they decide to grab a local loudmouth and teach him a lesson, then bring him to Jughead's trailer to — what? Make sure F.P. knows how dedicated they are? If this is the ominous beginning to Jughead's career as a Serpent, things aren't looking too bright in Riverdale.

4. Cheryl's Psychotic Speech

Cheryl Blossom [Credit: The CW]
Cheryl Blossom [Credit: The CW]

Then again, things are never really bright in Riverdale when you have a family like the Blossoms living there, and Cheryl really lived up to the family name during this episode. After ending last season by lighting her own house on fire, she makes a killer entrance into the hospital before announcing in utter monotone that her mother has suffered third-degree burns. But she really outdoes herself in the speech outlining her payback for years of parental abuse, underscored by cutting off her mother's oxygen supply. To be fair, this kind of crazy should really be higher up on the list, but this is the kind of crazy that we've come to expect from Riverdale. Who wouldn't want to see Cheryl expose her corrupt and murderous parents, keeping her lipstick perfect all the while?

3. The Entire Lodge Family Dynamic

It was clear from the moment Veronica came to town in Season 1 that she really didn't fit in, which made sense when we found out that her father was essentially a mob boss. Now that we've met the infamous Mr. Lodge and seen him interact with Hermione, though, it's only surprising that Veronica turned out as normal as she did. This family has some serious issues, including that they all seem to take pleasure in causing strife. Veronica calls her mother a "puppet master" in this episode, and that's a pretty apt description of the Lodge family, each of them trying to pull strings and control the others. It's starting to look like Hiram Lodge will be a prominent villain this season, which means darker things are in store than a mere father-daughter kiss.

Mr. Lodge in 'Riverdale' [Credit: The CW]
Mr. Lodge in 'Riverdale' [Credit: The CW]

2. Mrs. Grundy's Predatory Ways

Remember all the way back in the beginning of Season 1 when Mrs. Grundy was forced out of town for sleeping with an underage Archie Andrews? Well, it turns out that she didn't learn her lesson at all. A peek at the life of Geraldine Grundy proved that Archie was just one in a long line of fetishized teenage boys, with her giving a late-night music lesson in her house and then kissing her student goodnight. Strangely, the most twisted element in this sequence isn't Mrs. Grundy's murder by cello bow, it's the perversely consistent pattern of Grundy getting intimately involved with high school-aged boys.

Sarah Habel as Mrs. Grundy [Credit: The CW]
Sarah Habel as Mrs. Grundy [Credit: The CW]

Her death was a satisfying end for fans who have wanted her dead since the show's pilot. Rest in peace, Mrs. Grundy, and may you find someone over 18 in heaven.

1. Archie And Veronica's Shower Scene

Riverdale has been heralded as this generation's Gossip Girl, so it's no surprise that this show will take almost any opportunity for a sex scene. That being said, it was next-level weird when Veronica wanted to help comfort Archie in his time of need by getting in the shower with him, literally hours after his father was shot. Let's be clear on this: Fred Andrew's blood was swirling beneath their feet while they were making out.

Then again, it's precisely this sort of warped drama that made the show a hit — and made 2.3 million people tune in this week.

What did you think of the season premiere? What were your favorite scenes? Let me know in the comments!

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