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Cinematic space travel seems terrible. Movies like Life, Prometheus, Event Horizon, Sunshine, Alien and many others have taught us that exploring space is not fun. The poor space travelers always find themselves in incredibly dangerous situations that would never happen on Earth. Whether it be aliens, space goo, super computers or more aliens, something always goes wrong and people die.

The following article covers five moments where the main characters aren't harassed, incinerated or lost while journeying through space. Enjoy!

1. You Can Watch Movies, Drink Coffee And Check Out The Radar ('Spaceballs')

Spaceballs is hilarious. I love the moment when Dark Helmet watches Spaceballs before it is even released. How weird/awesome would it be if you could watch a movie showing the right now, right now! Just be careful of hot coffee and going so fast you turn plaid.

2. You Can Dance Your Way Around Gross Creatures ('Guardians Of The Galaxy')

I love when Chris Pratt dances his way around gross creatures and dangerous crevasses while looking for loot. Guardians of the Galaxy proves you can have fun while many things are trying to kill you.

3. You Can Save Whales! ('Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home')

I love Star Trek 4. One of my favorite moments in when Captain Kirk is breaking down the mission to the save the whales. During the speech he mentions that people will be freaked out by Spock. What does Spock do? He wraps a cloth around his head and looks like a karate master — totally subtle and always funny.

4. You Can Play Dejarik With A Wookie ('Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope')

I love the moments in the films when the characters have downtime. When they aren't saving the world or being chased by Darth Vader they are able to relax and play board games involving monsters killing each other. I'd love to play Dejarik with Chewbacca.

5. You Can Listen To The Beach Boys While Cruising Around In A Space Ship (Flight Of The Navigator')

I would love to fly around in a spaceship and jam out to The Beach Boys. When I was a kid I thought this scene was probably the coolest thing ever because the kid got to drive underage, teach aliens how to dance and listen to loud music. Greatest. Day. Ever.


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