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Everything is better in doubles (for example, two scoops of ice cream are definitely better than one) and same goes for actors and their stunt doubles. Stunt doubles are often the unsung heroes of Hollywood, but not when it comes to 's stars, who are no strangers to showing love for their other halves. Here are 10 times when 's superheroes shared some cool moments with their stunt doubles on Instagram and showed some love in the process.

1. That Time Grant Gustin Just Couldn't Let Go

, a.k.a. , is showing some love to his "rad stunt double" by acknowledging the fact that stunt doubles are the on-screen superheroes. That's a cute arm hug.

2. That Time When Megalyn Echikunwoke And Her Stuntwoman Were Ready To Kick Ass

Megalyn Echikunwoke, who plays Mari McCabe (a.k.a Vixen) is showing who's the mastermind behind 's moves with this badass picture.

3. That Time Franz Drameh Realized Firestorm Is A Four Person Team-Up

Victor Garber and Franz Drameh plus their stunt doubles. is a crowd!

4. That Time When Willa Holland Showed Some Sibling-Like Affection For The Real

Because nothing says thank you like a good old noogie.

5. That Time When Keiynan Lonsdale Struck A Pose

Lonsdale, a.k.a , is being groovy with his stunt double on set. I can barely tell who's who.

6. That Time Chyler Leigh Shared The Credit With Her Badass Stuntwoman

In front of an armory! Both are total badasses.

7. That Time Stephen Amell Ignored The Cold And Posed With His Stuntman

Who is the best one in business, no biases here.

8. That Time When Brandon Routh And His Stuntman Enjoyed Some Quality Time Under The Sun

In their suits, must be hot in there.

9. That Time Dominic Purcell Went All Out With A Proper Thank You

Dominic Purcell a.k.a. went all emotional and thanked his friend for making him look better than he is. If that's not appreciation, then what is?

10. That Time When Enjoyed A Littler Chat With Her Stuntwoman

Two Supergirls are definitely better than one .

It's great knowing that stunt doubles — who are the ones making superheroes truly super — are not forgotten by The CW's stars. fans are also thankful. It's really cool seeing these people side by side, and it's actually pretty difficult to tell them apart — the similarities are stunning!


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