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When Netflix's Daredevil dropped in the spring of 2015, we were brought down to a new level of crime. While the heroes in the fight crime on an enormous scale, our heroes over on tend to fight it on a much smaller one. The series that we've seen so far have a more grounded approach, filled with normal (and abnormal — looking at you, Danny) people that just want to make the world a better place. This sort of atmosphere seems to work out for New York City's Defenders. Other than the depth of the shows and its characters, one thing that stands out is its grit.

Instead of skipping over the blood and guts of crime fighting, Marvel's Netflix series take us right into the belly of the beast. They don't skip a beat as they show us every drop of blood and broken bone. One thing that's quite noticeable about these hard to beat fight sequences is that they often happen in fairly close quarters — most noticeably, a hallway. You ever wonder how often this occurs? Well there's no need to wonder anymore because we've got you covered. Now, before we go through these noteworthy hallway brawls, I have just one question:

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

1. Daredevil V. Thugs ('Daredevil')

Let's just begin with the one that started it all. In Season 1 of we find Mr. Murdock on the trail of a group of kidnapping thugs. There to rescue a little boy that was taken from his father, the man without fear encounters a slew of criminals. As they come flooding into the hallway, Daredevil takes them out one by one before ultimately rescuing the young boy. What gives this raw encounter more weight is the fact that it was filmed in just one take. We have to give it up for Charlie Cox and his human punching bags for that one!

2. Iron Fist V. Yakuza ('Iron Fist')

While the show has received a plethora of negative reviews, it is still important for its role as a necessary part in the assembly of the Defenders. The choreography in this scene is arguably exceptional. Danny Rand smoothly moves through the small corridor while dodging tomahawks and making the Yakuza look like your average, everyday street criminals. What more can we ask for?

3. Luke Cage V. Thugs ('Luke Cage')

In Episode 3 of , this bulletproof hero brought the ruckus to a couple of sorry criminals. After Pop's death, Cage was enraged. To exact not only revenge, but to gather funds in order to keep Pop's shop alive, Cage hit his enemy Cottonmouth where it hurt the most: his wallet. By doing this, our hero plows through the stash houses of his enemy. Watch Power Man tear through Cottonmouths men like wet tissue paper, in this awesome hallway brawl.

4. Daredevil V. Biker Gang ('Daredevil')

While this is famously known as DD's "Stairwell Fight Scene," I'll add it to the list, as the fight gloriously erupted in a hallway. After a run-in with the Punisher, we find Daredevil facing a group of reckless bikers all on his own. With nothing but his proficient ass-kicking skills and nearly superhuman senses, Mr. Murdock takes down these criminals in a brutal, yet fitting fashion.

5. The Punisher V. Prisoners ('Daredevil')

Yes, that's right. Daredevil does, in fact, appear three times on the list. But what can I say? The writers can't get enough of these hallway brawls! Now, this one is definitely a favorite among fans. Reason being, the isn't the Punisher if he isn't brutally murdering his enemies. Thankfully, that is exactly what we got in Season 2 of Daredevil. In this scene, Frank Castle is caught in a trap orchestrated by the King Pin. Little did Fisk know that this wasn't Frank's first rodeo. Watch as the military veteran cuts and guts his way through a corridor of prisoners in this bloody hallway brawl.

Honorable Mention

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about . While she hasn't been involved in any hallway brawls, this hero has been in more than a few noteworthy rounds of fisticuffs. While it's hard to choose which one is the best, I thought I would add one of her greatest moments. Check it out below:

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