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We like because of his typically British, poignant dramas that always break our heart. He's always been interested in the ups and downs of life by investigating the human soul.

We liked his Palme d'Or winner, painful story about a family who is destroyed by Secrets & Lies, as much as the light-hearted and enchanting Happy-Go-Lucky.

Now, with his new film, Leigh returns to the genre he used in Topsy-Turvy about the life of Gilbert and Sullivan: an artistic biopic. His upcoming new feature portrays the legendary J.M.W. Turner.

Since it is going to be a film about the British romantic painter famous for his visionary, light-capturing pictures, we can expect the film's visuals to be breathtakingly beautiful and since it is a Mike Leigh film, we can also be prepared for some serious heart-wrenching drama. The film is especially interesting, cause it is a long-awaited passion project for the director himself. He had to wait 20 years before he could finally put Turner's story on screen.

The 70-year old writer-director is famous for involving his actors early in the creative process. He never uses written dialogues, but creates his scenes through the actors' supervised improvisation. Now, he chose for the lead, who had already collaborated with Lee on All or Nothing, (where he played a disillusioned taxi-driver in a fallen apart family.)

In this first image you can see Pall wearing a 19th century costume and hat, looking to the horizon from a ship and making a funny face.

Although Leigh has been nominated for the Oscar seven times (two times for Best Director and five times for Best Original Screenplay), he never made it in the end. Let's cross fingers for him with his new, still untitled project and wait for more, exciting images.

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