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Brian Salisbury

This fall, will be taking over the role of CIA Agent Jack Ryan, a character created by and previously portrayed on screen by , , and . The name is so iconic that many of us assumed the upcoming Jack Ryan film was indeed just going to be called Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and that it wasn't simply a working title. However, according to /Film, the official title for the -directed film will be called...

Jack Ryan: Shadow One

Not only do we now know the title, but the first plot synopsis for the movie, also via /Film, was just released...

"Pine takes the character to its beginning, where the injured Marine is recruited by CIA vet Kevin Costner to work as a high-level analyst. The two are pitted against a Russian oligarch (played by Branagh) who is pulling the strings of the financial market and delving into international terrorism with potential global catastrophic results."

I had somehow missed that Branagh was going to be playing the villain in addition to directing, so that's pretty cool. The title on the other it too late to go back to just Jack Ryan? Again, the iconic name is the reason this franchise has endured and Jack Ryan: Shadow One sounds like the licensed videogame spinoff; the licensed videogame spinoff I would not buy.

What do you guys think?


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