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With the loss of , viewers are down to one weekly dose of vampires in The Originals—well, two if you count The Strain. Let the Right One In, a television series based upon the Swedish romantic horror movie of the same name, was supposed to help fill that void. So when TNT announced it had ordered the pilot for the grim teen drama, vampire lovers had something to look forward to.

Alas, TNT opted to pass on the pilot earlier this month, and now the show is at a standstill until another network can be found to pick up the torch. According to Bloody Disgusting, Tomorrow Studios is currently shopping the series around to other networks to in either “its current iteration or as a potential redo of the concept.”

The official plot for the series seems to be a perfect fit for , which has a knack for carrying dark shows that resonate with the young adult market.

In a small Vermont town, 16-year-old Henry (Benjamin Wadsworth) is heavily bullied by his classmates. He is lonely and neglected by the adults around him. When a charismatic young girl by the name Eli (Kristine Froseth) moved to his hometown with her mysterious caretaker (Kristoffer Joner), they quickly become friends. Meanwhile, a series of strange murders occurs, which draws the attention of law enforcement.

Though the show was originally set up at A&E, there's no indication that network has any interest in carrying the ball, and so far, there's been no word on other potential homes.

The pilot for was written by Criminal Minds and Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, but the odds are CBS considering the drama are slim to none considering it has only one series that could be even remotely considered paranormal (Zoo), and previous paranormal shows like Moonlight haven't lasted long on the network.

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But with the success of the Swedish film (we won't talk about the 2010 American remake), it would be a shame to see such a potentially powerful drama get so ensnared in red tape that it never reaches our television screens. So let's hope Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon will step up to the plate and give this vampire series a biting chance!

Are you looking forward to seeing Let the Right One In?

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