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The long-awaited screen adaptation of 's magnum opus, The Dark Tower, always a hugely ambitious project, has had a harder time getting the green light than Miley Cyrus being approved as the keynote speaker of a chastity convention. Die-hard fans of the series (myself being one of them) have had a love-hate relationship with the process, being alternately excited when news breaks, and then crushingly disappointed when another deal falls through.

However, all hope is not lost. In a new interview with Empire, director , who has been insanely loyal to the vision from the start, assures fans that the project is still moving forward. They're just being smarter about it now:

The Dark Tower is something that we're still working on. We've all taken a vow of silence about the progress, the headway, what we think our timetable is, because I don't think I realized how much media interest there was in the title and how much excitement there was.

It's a fascinating, powerful possibility and even Stephen King acknowledges it's a tricky adaptation, but to be honest, from a financing side, it's not a straightforward, four-quadrant, sunny superhero story – it's dark, it's horror. That edge is what appeals to me, the complexities of those characters is what appeals to all of us. And I think Stephen King really respects that, with [regular screenwriting collaborator] and myself, that that's what we love about it, and that's what we want to try to get to the screen.

So my answer is: it got delayed, it's never gone away. We're working on it, and Stephen is very patient with us, and Akiva's just gone off and directed a movie [an adaptation of Mark Helprin's novel, Winter's Tale, starring Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jennifer Connelly and Will Smith], I'm continuing to work, but the Dark Tower dreams – fever dreams, rather – are still there, but we're not going to give it a timetable.

You have to have a lot of respect for Howard and Goldsman. They've been faithful to the vision and have managed to keep their fires stoked throughout the entire process, even though it has to be maddening for them to come so close to a major step forward, only to have things always unravel at the eleventh hour.

What about you, gunslingers? Do you feel as if we'll ever see Roland and crew on screen? Or is it all just wishful thinking at this point?

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