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It's official, Whovians! For those of you not able to tune in at the moment, the Twelfth Doctor was just officially announced on the Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor special.

And without further delay, the winner IS...

Drumroll, please.

No, seriously. I need a drumroll here.

Okay, great. And the winner IS...

Everyone's rumored choice, .

As I'd mentioned before, Capaldi is no stranger to the world of Doctor Who, having appeared in 'The Fires of Pompeii' episode during the Tenth Doctor's reign and again in a 5-episode arc during Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood.

After the announcement, current Doctor had this to say about the man who will be stepping into his shoes:

I just want to wish my successor all the best. As a fan, I think it's a canny choice.

And he's right. Capaldi is a fine actor and it will be interesting to see the direction in which the show goes now, with the middle-aged Capaldi stepping in to continue the role being departed by the youngest actor to ever play the Doctor in Smith, with Smith taking the reins after the also fairly young . Only time will tell how this casting will affect the new generation of fans. Older fans of the classic Doctor Who series should be pleased, but this is a casting choice that may alienate or turn off younger viewers to the show, who know the Doctor only as his newest, younger incarnations.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Eleventh Doctor that this was a great choice? Or do you hate this casting? Sound off in the comments, Whovians!

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