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Scott Pierce

Writer Jess Walter has established himself as one of America's most prolific storytellers over the course of six novels. Now, one of the most engaging storytellers of our day, direct/writer/actor , is taking a stab at adapting Walter's latest novel, Beautiful Ruins.

It's a story that addresses illusion and reality, and an almost-love affair -- over the span of five decades -- from the Lingurian Sea to Hollywood. It's unknown as to whether the movie will also pin the action surrounding real movie legends like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, but I'm still excited to see where this will go regardless. Todd Field may not be a household name, but he's consistently pumped out surprising movies and performances (from other actors and himself). From Little Children to In the Bedroom, he's proved that he knows how to pull on heartstrings.

Are you excited for this? What other books do you want adapted for the big screen?


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