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After what may have seemed like forever to dedicated fans and curious observers, Image Comics co-founder has achieved what some thought to be impossible.

The popular comic book industry figure finally finished the script for the much-anticipated cinematic return of , and he's already one step closer to making the reboot happen.

Bat Out Of Development Hell:

In a video message, McFarlane proudly announced the completion of the Spawn script. The final draft has 136 pages - an ideal number for major Hollywood studios that estimate a screenplay's run-time by following what McFarlane described as a "page per minute" equation.

Based on this estimate, the latest Spawn movie could run for at least two hours. For those who think this is too long, just remember that McFarlane's initial draft in 2016 had 182 pages, which translates to an estimated three hours.

Todd McFarlane [Credit: McFarlane Toys]
Todd McFarlane [Credit: McFarlane Toys]

McFarlane also clarified that while his script is finished, the quest to make the new Spawn movie has only just begun. The Spawn creator's next priority is pitching his script to major studios that are willing to finance an R-Rated, horror-themed adaptation based on a well-known comic book character from the '90s.

He may not have signed anything official yet, but McFarlane is off to a good start, with 14 inquiries from company representatives citing interest in the new Spawn movie.

[Credit: Image Comics]
[Credit: Image Comics]

McFarlane is hoping to have something concrete to tell fans in the next few months, ideally in time for a big announcement at the upcoming 2017 San Diego Comic Con ().

Watch McFarlane's full announcement below.

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A Redemption, Years In The Making

Spawn, a former Marine named Al Simmons who was damned to become Hell's general, was first seen by audiences in the 1997 film. In a few words, the first Spawn movie was generic at best, and forgettable at worst.

Despite this misstep, the character was later redeemed by a critically-acclaimed animated series from . Todd McFarlane's Spawn on HBO not only showed the animated medium's adult-oriented potential, but also proved that there was a compelling story to be told amidst the demons, gore, and other outlandish elements that populate the pages of the Spawn comics.

'Spawn' (1997) [Credit: New Line Cinema]
'Spawn' (1997) [Credit: New Line Cinema]

Hoping to continue Spawn's redemption, McFarlane began working on a Spawn reboot as far back as 2007. Over the course of a decade-long production cycle, McFarlane kept hopes for the reboot alive with regular updates and status reports.

McFarlane described his Spawn reboot as a supernatural thriller that lacked the conventional trappings of a traditional superhero movie, emphasizing that the title's signature horror-themed elements and influences would take center stage.

The movie idea is neither a recap or continuation. It is a standalone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary... the tone of this ‘Spawn’ movie will be for a more older audience. Like the film ‘Departed.'

Todd McFarlane, 2009

[Credit: Image Comics]
[Credit: Image Comics]

The chances of an R-Rated Spawn movie have significantly increased with the current comic book movie boom. If the successes of hard-R comic book adaptations such as , and are anything to go by, audiences are more than willing to pay for a comic book movie that's not aimed solely at families and young fans.

With McFarlane's dedication to the project and his willingness to give the reboot his all, the upcoming Spawn reboot may indeed be something different and special. Two decades may have passed since his disappointing debut, but Spawn is finally on his way to a cinematic redemption that both he and fans deserve.


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