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Nobody will ever truly "replace" the late Paul Walker, but the Fast Family are a strong bunch of people — some of whom we haven't seen in awhile. Cast your mind back to 2006, when the action of The Fast and the Furious shifted to the neon-lit streets of urban Japan and we learned what a Tokyo Drift was.

Now, is drawing on Tokyo Drift again to beef up its cast roster: Texas bad boy turned Tokyo street racer Sean Boswell (played by Lucas Black) is back. Comic Book adds that Black's contract has been extended for not only The Fate of the Furious, but also Fast 9 and 10.

Sean Boswell could be a cool character to take a bigger role in Fast 8: It takes a brave or a stupid racer to face off against Dom Toretto, after all:

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Of course, we were rewarded with a major nerd-out moment in Furious 7 when Boswell popped up in a brief scene, but expanding his role seems a sensible idea considering that we've got a whole 'nother three Fast movies ahead of us.

No word yet on whether any of the other Tokyo Drift characters — Twinkie or Neela, Takashi, Kamata and Clay — will be returning. Sound off in the comments about who you'd like to see back in the Fast Family.


Which is your favorite of the original 'Fast & Furious' trilogy?

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